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Catherine Pratt

Catherine Pratt

Bus Driver

Born and raised in Maine, Catherine’s a Maine girl at heart! She is passionate about all thing that pertain to Life and things that are life-giving. Catherine worked for 10 years in her family’s greenhouse nursery (starting while still being homeschooled) which has given her a delight in green, growing things….and although she still enjoys these things, this delight in things growing has morphed into having a genuine appreciation in seeing people grow and meet the potential they were made for.

Catherine has spent a lot of time out west in Northern Colorado involved in holistic spiritual type activities which includes among many other things: living in authentic community in which peace, honor, justice for all, care and compassion are promoted. Also learning the principles of imparting life to others in the form of teaching and/or mentoring/counseling. In her spare time she can be found in some wilderness space with her dog, Scout, enjoying the amazing outdoors!

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