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Tom Whittaker

Tom Whittaker

Science and Math Teacher

From the child who brought home “cool” rocks to the graduate student working in Antarctica, Tom is, and always has been, fascinated with the physical environment we inhabit. In pursuing this lifelong interest Tom has earned degrees in Environmental Science, Climate Studies, and Chemistry from the University of East Anglia, the University of Maine, and the University of Waikato respectively. Along the way he has applied a variety of mathematical tools and concepts.

Tom’s passion for teaching comes from a desire to encourage lifelong learning in all of us. In recent years he has worked with Master Naturalist programs in two states, university students, and Maine-based professional societies, as well as created climate and wildlife monitoring projects, to inspire people of all ages to learn about the natural world.

Having family distributed across two countries, Tom grew up traveling to and experiencing different places and cultures. This continued in college as Tom studied abroad. However, these days Tom has largely hung up those travelling shoes and with his family is loving life in central Maine.

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