Dan Hanchrow

Theatre Teacher

Dan Hanchrow is a theatre teacher, director, actor, fight choreographer, and playwright who has directed or produced more than fifty plays over the last eight seasons, mostly with students 8-13 and 14-18. He has studied Theatre, Shakespeare, Voice, and Clown at the college level as well as with many NYC Off-Broadway directors and actors, and at Shakespeare and Company, in Lennox MA. He also has years of experience training with the Society of American Fight Directors. Dan has worked with Children's Shakespeare Theatre in Palisades NY, Primoris Academy in Westwood, NJ, and most recently, at Penobscot Theatre Company's Dramatic Academy and also their Young Adult Performance Conservatory in Bangor. His goal is empowering young people to find their confident voice, even if they don't intend to continue in the theatre, and to develop empathy and listening skills that will positively affect all aspects of their lives.
Dan and his wife Tamika live in Unity, and own a cafe (Unity Kitchen) where they support local farms and producers, and promote sustainability.