Literacy & Math

Every school day begins with focused lessons in English language arts and Mathematics. We aim to develop strong readers, writers, and problem-solvers; these foundational skills are critical to student success in all high school coursework, as well as future academic and professional work. English and Math assignments relate to school-wide environmental themes. During a fall study of food systems, students might read Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma, interview a local farmer, and write a blog post that compares Pollan’s views on organic agriculture to those of the farmer. Students might read Leah Penniman’s Farming While Black, interview Somalian farmers at New Roots Cooperative Farm in Lewiston, and facilitate a community panel discussion on racial inequities in agriculture. In Geometry class, students might design and build wooden planter boxes in different shapes, calculate the area available for planting in each, and determine which shape could yield the most plants. In Alegbra, students might…