No Small Potatoes

Heald Farm in Troy was a beautiful spot. The rows of potatoes seemed endless. That morning on October 30 we had met up at the Unity Barn Raisers. There were only four of us that day: Bodhi, Laurel, Noah and me, Wayland. It was a sunny day but a little cold. The ground was wet. It had stopped raining a bit ago.

We drove to the farm and got there at about 10:30. The people who owned the farm had already had the potatoes flipped up to the surface with a machine so all we had to do was sift them out of the dirt and put them in banana boxes. They were also coated in a layer of mud and dirt so it was hard to tell if they were green or red. The gathering seemed to take forever.

We were gathering them for about 40 minutes before Mary Leaming picked up the potatoes we had picked and drove them to the Unity Volunteer Food Pantry. About 30 minutes later she picked up the rest and dropped them off. We had cleared one row in about one hour. After the gathering was finished we loaded the full boxes into Mary’s car and drove to the food pantry. The food pantry was a low cement and metal building and it was filled with canned food and empty boxes. After the last of the Red Norland potatoes were carried out of the car, we sifted through them one last time to make sure none of the potatoes were green or rotten.

It took a good bit of the day but at the end we had gathered 765 pounds of Red Norland potatoes!


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