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Imagine a high school in which students take an active role in every aspect of their education.

Imagine a high school where students spend more time in the community than in a classroom,

researching natural & human resources of their region and solving real-world problems in their neighborhoods.


Imagine this school publicly funded so children of all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to this education.


Welcome to our public charter school, opening in Unity, Maine September 2020.

The Ecology Learning Center

is a public charter school 

opening September 1 ,  2020 in Unity

for grades 9 and 10.

Enrollment is still OPEN!​

  • FREE tuition for any Maine resident

  • transportation provided

  • focused reading, writing & math instruction

  • project-based environmental studies

  • outdoor adventure & leadership training

  • service learning & apprenticeships

  • folk music & homesteading crafts 

  • school lunch grown & prepared by students

The Ecology Learning Center

P.O. Box 235, Unity ME, 04988   ❖   207.230.9275   ❖
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