Enrollment Process


Complete the online Intent to Enroll form. You will be offered a spot at the end of the application period as long as an opening exists in the grade level for which you are applying.


If you are unable to complete the online form, print and complete a paper copy and mail to:


Lēza Packard

Ecology Learning Center

P.O. Box 235

Unity, Maine 04988

Complete the Commitment to Enroll Form. We will notify you by email about your enrollment status. If an opening exists in the grade level for which you are applying, you will receive the Commitment to Enroll form, which must be signed and returned per the form instructions within two weeks of receiving your enrollment offer. If there are no openings available in the grade level for which you are applying, your student will be waitlisted.


Schedule a visit to tour the building and meet the dean of students, Kayla Higgins, and head of school, Lēza Packard.  Email info@ecologylearningcenter.org to schedule a visit today.


After we receive your completed Commitment to Enroll form, your student is officially enrolled! Congratulations! Please continue to check your email/mail for further communication leading up to the first day of instruction, September 1. If you have questions, please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Ecology Learning Center open?

We will begin instruction on September 1, 2020 with grades 9 and 10, with an enrollment of 48 students. We will add an additional grade level each year, culminating in grades 9-12 with 96 students in 2023.

Where will the Ecology Learning Center be located?

The school will be located in downtown Unity, Maine, within walking distance of Unity College, the Hills to Sea Trail, Field of Dreams Park, Lake Winnecook, and Unity Barn Raisers Community Center.

Is tuition free?

Yes! The Ecology Learning Center is a publically funded charter high school, which means that tuition is FREE for ANY Maine resident. We welcome and celebrate students of all ethnic, socio-economic, and learning backgrounds.

What if I don't live in Unity?

Your student can still attend! We provide transportation in a 20 mile radius, and can organize carpools for students living farther away. Please contact Lēza Packard, Head of School, at (207) 230-9275 or leza.packard@ecologylearningcenter.org for more information.

How will teaching be affected by coronavirus?

Please visit our page "COVID-19 Response" for more details.

Does the school offer a high school diploma?

Yes! The Ecology Learning Center is fully accredited and authorized high school in the State of Maine. Our Dean of Students will support students in developing post-graduation plans, including college and entreprenurial endeavors. Check out our Academics page for more information.

When will my student graduate?

The first class from the Ecology Learning Center will graduate in June of 2023.

Can my student play sports?

Yes! We are partnering with RSU 3 to provide after school sports and activites. Check out the RSU 3 athletics page for more information.

Do you serve lunch?

Yes! The Ecology Learning Center provides school lunch, grown and prepared by students using local and organic ingredients.

I have a different question.

Okay! Please send us a message through our Contact page, or contact Lēza Packard, Head of School, at (207) 230-9275 or leza.packard@ecologylearningcenter.org.