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The mission of the Ecology Learning Center is to deeply root students in Maine's ecological & cultural landscapes, foster authentic real-world learning through mentorship & craft, and cultivate compassionate and resilient leaders prepared to engage in the challenges of today & tomorrow.


Our vision is to inspire high school students from Waldo County and beyond to roll up their sleeves and engage in their local communities through service learning and apprenticeships. Guided by the unifying theme of “ecology” (the study of the relations between organisms and their environment), students enact and embody ecological principles by making meaningful connections between school and community. We help students develop the knowledge, skills, and commitment to work collaboratively to address important local challenges. Our students take active roles in every aspect of their education, always with the support and guidance of teachers and local experts.


The standards-based curriculum meets Maine Learning Results through rigorous courses in English language arts, mathematics, and ecology-themed interdisciplinary projects rooted in science, technology and social studies.  Upon graduation, students have the skills to continue their education, and/or apply their learning to employment and lifelong learning.  Success is indicated by the fulfillment of the school’s four educational program terms: Place-Based Learning, Hands-on and performance-based assessment, a Reflective and Empowering school culture, and Dedication to Wellness. 


The objectives of the school are to provide operations and governance through a committed and qualified board of directors, supporting a staff of passionate and engaged teachers, who communicate and collaborate with other teachers, the head of school, and with community members to create a school community of connection and curiosity in which our goal of a student-centered, meaningful, and rigorous learning environment can flourish.

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May 8 - May 31, 2023





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