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Victoria Barnes

Victoria Barnes

Art Teacher & Special Education Technician III

Victoria Barnes has been teaching Fine Arts for twenty years, and Special Education since moving to Maine 3 years ago. She has a Masters Degree from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Indiana University. Victoria and her family have traveled across the United States, and Italy. These experiences in her travels have given her unique perspectives that she in turn brings to the classroom. After years of looking for their permanent home to settle, Victoria and her family were fortunate to find a wonderful, and unique building in Liberty, Maine. This special home has given her a place where she can paint in her studio, bake for her children, and garden. She takes advantage of the local hiking trails nearby with her family and their dog Mazzy. Victoria is looking forward to sharing her nurturing sensibility, unique perspective, and knowledge of art to The Ecology Learning Center.

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