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Jen Whelan

Jen Whelan

Registrar & Receptionist

Before Jen landed at The Ecology Learning Center, she spent eleven years as the Administrative Assistant to the Faculty of Unity College, with side quests such as Accounts Payable Specialist, Animal/Coral room care, Mail, Facilities, Dining, Admissions, Tour Guide and really, wherever else help was needed. She recently spent some time with the wonderful people of Waterville Creates!, learning the best of film and the Zen and the Art of Popcorn Making.
Jen has had adventures in North and South Carolina, Arizona, Hawaii, but loves Maine and thinks Freedom Pond is one of the best places in the world. She loves talking about Lord Huron, her four (yes four) Universe Kitties (Seamus, Kizzy, Morpheus, and EmmyStar), books, history, pretty rocks, dinosaurs, and Lord Huron. And did she mention Lord Huron? Because she will.
Jen is very excited to be back working with the people who are teaching the students who will save the world!

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